Courageous Endeavour - Paul Conway

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Courageous Endeavour is a sequel to the author’s very successful First
World War novel, 
Paddy Scott’s War.

Follow Sergeant Cliff Power and his men of The Royal Newfoundland
Regiment, as they fight through the trenches, fields and towns of France
and Belgium. Their story is a gripping portrayal of battles fought, of valour,
of camaraderie, of everyday men putting their lives on the line for the
freedom of others.
And you will meet Mary Farrell, a passionate young woman, who is driven
to go beyond the good works of the Woman’s Patriotic Association
supporting the men on the front. Mary joins the Voluntary Aid Detachment
and is posted to a military hospital in France where she is tested to the limit
while doing her best to care for the injured and dying.
Cliff and his men start down a steep embankment, then onward toward the
rapidly advancing Germans. As they near a wooded area, nine or ten of the
enemy emerge close enough to see the expression on their faces. With
rifles firing and bayonets glistening in the morning sun, Cliff’s men charge
forward, engaging the enemy where they stood.
Meanwhile, at a hospital not far behind the front line, Mary is sitting with a
fellow VAD. “Fanny, you’re from home, so I’d only say it to you. I’m finding it
really hard… I don’t know if I’m up to it.”
Fanny reached over, taking Mary’s hand. “We’re in a war. There’s no book
to tell us how to handle things. We volunteered and trained, but we can
only do our best. That’s all anybody can do.”

Courageous Endeavour is a story of patriotism, bravery and love.