Flannery - Lisa Moore - Hard Cover

Flannery - Lisa Moore - Hard Cover

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 Sixteen-year-old Flannery has been in love with Tyrone since the days she still believed in Santa Claus. But Tyrone has grown from a dorky kid into an outlaw graffiti artist, literally too cool for school. Which is a problem; because he and Flannery are partners for the entrepreneurship class that she needs to graduate. And Tyrone’s vanishing act may have darker causes that she realizes.

Tyrone isn’t Flannery’s only problem. Her mother, Miranda, Can’t pay the heating bills, let alone buy Flannery’s biology book. And her best-friend-since-forever, Amber, has fallen for a guy who is making her forget all the things she cares about most – Flannery included.

When Flannery decides to make a love potion for her entrepreneurship project, rumors that it actually works go viral, and she suddenly has a hot commodity on her hands. But as it turns out, real-life love is far more potent – and more risky- than any fairy-tale prescription.

By turns heartbreaking and hilarious, empowering and harrowing - often all on the same page.

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