Memories of a Former Era - Heber McGurk

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In these pages I will try to capture for you what it was like, in the years after Newfoundland became a province of Canada in 1949, to be part of a particular life style. Here I will try to describe a way of life for many people in rural Newfoundland, and in particular Carbonear, who were involved in the fishery. This particular group of people spent part of the year in their hometown and the rest of the time on the Labrador coast. Living in Carbonear in this period of our history, after Confederation in 1949, helped me to see that our people, who fished each year on the Labrador coast, had experienced only a very small shift in loyalties. Government operated coastal boats only partially took the place of individually owned schooners and steamships. In the 1950 s and 1960 s, fishermen were still left on their own as soon as they arrived in Labrador. Even though the much criticized credit system had disappeared, the same business people as before, with their local stores on the coast, and their ships in the fishery, were the ones fishermen had to depend on. I knew some of the Carbonear business people and had witness their kindness and genuine concern for their people. If the opportunity presented itself in the future I was ready and willing to try this particular way of life