Poppa and the Sacred Kitpu: The Story of a Mi'kmaw Spirit Guide - Judith M. Doucette

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After being invited to his grandson’s school to share his wisdom and knowledge of his traditional Mi’kmaw culture, Poppa is happy to return as a respected Indigenous Elder and Knowledge Keeper. Now we find Poppa giving his next gin’masuti—lesson in our culture—to his grandson, François, and his friends Paul and Joe.

While spending the afternoon with Poppa, the boys get to learn about the Sacred Kitpu—the bald eagle—and why it’s so important. Poppa engages the children with eager imaginings of how the Sacred Kitpu is not only a powerful spirit guide but also represents the Spirit of the Creator among us. It is the messenger between Mother Earth and the Spirit World, whispering to the Creator our prayers, touching the face of the Creator with its wing.

Poppa teaches the children through mystic wonder how we use the Sacred Kitpu feather in many different cultural ceremonies. He embraces their eagerness to learn and shares the tradition of smudging—using the Kitpu feather, along with Sacred Medicines that burn in a smudge bowl to purify our body, mind, and spirit. The children delight in discovering the importance the Sacred Kitpu plays in MI’kmaw culture and heritage.