The Rest of We - Wade G. Parsons

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Author Wade Parsons was born and raised in Hermitage, a small community on the south coast of Newfoundland that remains dear to his heart. In 2011, Wade wrote a book he called That Was We about his growing up experiences in Hermitage. That book did so well he wrote a second book called That Was We (Too), which contained more stories about growing up in Hermitage. And now here is Wade's third book, The Rest of We, with still ore stories about growing up in Hermitage. Wade's latest batch of stories include The Dog I Couldn't Keep, Covering Up the Mirrors, The Little Dory from Pushthrough and The Wedding Cake Box. Wade's stories are heartfelt and true and guaranteed to entertain.

Wade says Hermitage, where his roots are, will always be his true home and where he belongs, and it is the place that inspires his writing. "I have never forgotten my growing up experiences in Hermitage, and they have given me the inspiration to write. Writing the books has been easy because the material is in my head. All I have to fo is to bring it to the tip of my pen or the keys of my keyboard. Anyone can do it because everyone has life experiences and stories to tell. All it takes is a commitment of some time and love of writing to make it all happen. To finally see my stories in print is rewarding and somewhat magical. My teenage life is between the covers of my three books. Hope you enjoy them."