The Siege of Carbonear Island - John W. Goodland

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It's 1696 and King William's War with the French has spilled onto the island of Newfoundland. Each nation seeks to eradicate the other and gain a monopoly over the lucrative cod fishery, but attacks by sea and ship have been ineffective against the harbour fortified communities of St. John's and Plaisance/ To break the stalemate, the French king sends his most renowned military commander to the island to eliminate the English once and for all. Launching a vicious overland assault during the harsh Newfoundland autumn, the English are taken by surprise and unable to resist the attack.

In the path of death and destruction cowers a young English fisherman, Thomas Pelter. With a chip on his shoulder and heavy dose of fear, Thomas sees no part in the fight for him and seeks refuge from the impending storm of blade and ball. Sent to Carbonear Island with the women and children, will Thomas step from behind the skirts to join in the final stand?